Identification of
Medicinal Products
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Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) with SAP

The EU requires MAHs (marketing authorisation holders) to submit a variety of structured data to the authorities in the future. One area is the identification of medicinal products (IDMP) on the European market.

The core idea behind IDMP is an in-depth knowledge of the medicinal products on the market with a special focus on their composition and their pharmacovigilance.
For the implementation of this IDMP initiative, the EU is consolidating five ISO standards. It is mandatory that the IDMP initiative is implemented by the pharmaceutical companies concerned by the deadline.

Other authorities around the world will follow, wanting similar data reported. Pharmaceutical companies are faced with the challenge of efficiently managing the growing amount of structured data, but also using it profitably to optimise processes in the company (keyword: Big Data).

With the SAP Cloud Application Polaris, SAP partner Gramont has developed software that can consolidate, prepare and electronically transmit this data to the authorities in a very flexible way – and this completely integrated into their SAP landscape with the same Fiori look and feel.



In scoping, we jointly assess the impact of implementing the SAP IDMP App Polaris on various business areas and processes in your organisation. Assessing the associated costs and risks is our most important task to help you determine your prioritisation criteria and estimate the time and effort required.
Based on your requirements, our SAP IDMP experts describe possible alternative solutions and examine them for functional gaps or determine the degree of coverage in the SAP IDMP App Polaris. This leads to the determination of the optimal functional scope of the IDMP module.

Proof of Concept (PoC)
In the PoC, we demonstrate the functional capabilities of the SAP IDMP App Polaris and how it can meet your daily “business needs”. Together we identify the technical requirements, potential costs and associated risks of the different scenarios. Taking into account your priorities and based on our SAP IDMP expertise, you will receive a list of possible recommendations. As a result, we can develop a preliminary timeline for the implementation of the IDMP concept in SAP.


As a SAP IDMP specialist, we support you in the implementation of the SAP IDMP App Polaris. We take over all tasks such as conception, customising, testing and going live for you.

In this context, we offer the following services:

  • Design and construction of the IDMP data model in the SAP App Polaris
  • .

  • Realisation of workflows for data preparation
  • .

  • Implementation of rules for data consolidation
  • .

  • Construction of Controlled Vocabularies
  • Creation of reports
  • Setting up the interface to SAP S/4HANA
  • Programming of interfaces to systems such as CTMS, RIMS, etc.
  • Implementation of IDMP data transmission to the authorities (FDA, EMA, etc.)
  • Software validation of the system
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Services & Support

Even after your IDMP process has gone live in SAP, we can provide you with second and third level support on request. Regardless of whether you require remote service or on-site support, our SAP specialists are mobile and flexible. Due to our experience, we know the essential questions of your users and guarantee fast as well as sustainable support.


Use our experience as specialists for IDMP with SAP!

  • Over 25 years of expertise in the implementation and validation of SAP in the life sciences
  • In-depth master data know-how, drawn from comprehensive experience gained in a wide variety of SAP ERP implementation projects
  • Seasoned experts in SAP for pharmaceuticals
  • Incorporation of process-oriented and agile rollout strategies (BPMN 2.0, SCRUM, Design Thinking)
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