Integrated control for your
internal and external audit processes!


An integrated audit management tool accounts for the interrelations between quality management, logistics, finance and company management as a precondition for ensuring effective, efficient internal audits. This requires the smooth flow of information internally without the use of interfaces – which is provided by SAP Audit Management as an integrated audit management system.

The system distinguishes between various types of audit (e.g. system audit, process audit) and handles all of the phases in an audit.



Investment decision: is SAP Audit Management right for you?
Our team helps you to make your investment decision, working with you to draw up your target parameters, cost/benefit criteria, potential improvements, and opportunities and risks. The aim here is to prepare a decision document (readiness statement) as well as recommendations for the next steps you need to take.

Navigate to your goals:
In a Scoping workshop (also separately bookable), we take a high-level view of your company and work with you to analyse your audit management requirements and potential approaches to a successful implementation and validation. Possible topics here include the specific company divisions to be considered for audits (integrated audit management), the audit strategies that are suitable for your specific requirements, the layout of audit forms, required functionality, and so forth. We identify the work packages that are to be completed and prepare an initial budget estimate.

Make the right decision for your requirements:
We compare your requirements with the functional and technical options offered by SAP Audit Management, and assess the degree of fulfilment that this provides for the costs involved. We also provide you with support for any development work necessary, including the corresponding budget estimate.

We work with you to compare the pros and cons versus third-party software, estimate the corresponding costs and identify the next steps for the successful rollout of your ideal audit management system.


We provide you with coaching for a SAP implementation or handle the tasks ourselves – such as design, Customising, testing and production cutover.

Our implementation work can also include the following services, aimed at optimising your audit management system:

  • Conceptual design and programming of role-specific QM apps
  • Conceptual design and programming of interfaces
  • Programming of additional functions
  • Programming of additional data fields
  • Any modifications to forms as required

We specialise in particular in the development of Analytical and Functional Apps.
This makes it much easier for you to deploy your audit management system as part of a digitalisation strategy.

Services & Support

Even after your SAP Audit Management system goes live, we can provide you with second- and third-level support services as required. Regardless of whether you need remote service provision or direct, on-site support, our SAP QM specialists offer a mobile and flexible service. Our wealth of experience means we are familiar with the key questions asked by your users and can guarantee prompt support into the long term.


Increasing business complexity demands a new, higher-level perspective and an understanding for processes that goes beyond departmental boundaries.

This integration results in entirely new kinds of interactions between individual business units and offers immense potential for optimisation.

DHC offers you an interdisciplinary team consisting of SAP consultants, developers, QM appraisers and auditors. Combined with our long-standing experience in business processes spanning several industries with a special focus on QM, production and IT, we also offer you one-of-a-kind support for developing your audit strategies. Experience with ISO 19011 goes without saying.

We can also draw on experience in managing projects of all shapes and sizes, and we offer you all of our services ourselves with no middlemen.


Use our experience as specialists for Audit Management with SAP:

  • An interdisciplinary team for provisioning the SAP audit infrastructure, while accounting for current ISO 19011 requirements (for example)
  • Individual planning and execution of internal audits in accordance with your objectives, needs and requirements
  • Joint development of your individual solution in your SAP system
  • Business experience in a regulated environment, and with DIN ISO- and FDA-compliant audits of quality management systems
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