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Integrated quality management with SAP QM

SAP QM encompasses a wide range of functions and processes that provide support for quality planning, quality auditing and quality control. All of these are fully integrated with the SAP ERP system. SAP QM therefore has considerably more to offer than conventional standalone computer-aided quality assurance systems (CAQ systems)  or laboratory information and management systems (LIMS). With SAP QM, up-to-date quality-relevant information is available at all times throughout the company for all processes and products along the entire value chain without any gaps or omissions. The avoidance of data redundancy also reduces IT costs whilst increasing transparency, improving safety and simplifying the analysis of processes relevant for quality.

As a general principle, we recommend introducing the SAP QM module in the first wave of your ERP implementation, although the later integration of SAP QM into a production SAP system is both possible and advisable. The standard interfaces provided offer connectivity to external measuring systems or the integration of specialised statistical analysis systems.

SAP QM supports a wide range of quality standards and customer requirements, including QS9000, ISO TS 16949:2002, VDA 4.3, VDA 6.1, APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).




Business Case

The business case sets out the arguments for or against the deployment of the SAP QM module and about the scope in which the module can be cost-effectively deployed. We also provide answers to the question of costs as well as the benefits achievable by a SAP rollout. To do so, we assess the compatibility of SAP QM functionality with your company’s quality management strategy and the appropriate business scope for deployment of the module.


At the scoping stage, we work with you to assess the impact of a SAP QM implementation on the various business units and processes within your company. Our appraisal of the associated risks and costs is our most important contribution, since it provides you with the support you need to define your priority criteria and estimate the necessary time and effort required.

Working from the basis of your requirements, our SAP QM experts describe potential solution options and examine these for functional gaps and/or ascertain the degree of coverage in SAP QM. As a result, we can determine the optimum functional scope for the SAP QM module.

Proof of Concept (PoC)
In the proof of concept, we demonstrate the functional capabilities of SAP QM and how it can meet your day-to-day business needs. We work with you to determine the technical requirements, potential costs and the associated risks of the various scenarios available. We then provide you with a list of potential proposals that take into account your priorities and are based on our SAP QM know-how. Following this, we can then develop a preliminary timetable for implementation of the QM concept.


We are SAP QM specialists and provide you with support for realising your production SAP QM solution.

Our implementation work can also include the following services:

  • Conceptual design and programming of role-specific QM apps
  • Conceptual design and programming of interfaces
  • Programming of additional functions
  • Programming of additional data fields
  • Any modifications to forms as required

We specialise in particular in the development of Analytical and Functional Apps.

Services & Support

Even after your SAP QM system goes live, we can provide you with second- and third-level support services as required. Regardless of whether you need remote service provision or direct, on-site support, our SAP QM specialists offer a mobile and flexible service. Our wealth of experience means we are familiar with the key questions asked by your users and can guarantee prompt support into the long term.


As specialists for SAP QM and SAP QIM, we are deeply familiar with the QM processes encountered throughout a company, and are seasoned experts in the rollout and optimisation of traditional SAP QM systems based on SAP ECC. In addition, we can also provide you with support for strategic orientation and the conceptual design of your quality management system based on the new SAP S/4HANA technology and the SAP Cloud platform.

Whether you are still considering SAP QM, are using it only in certain processes or are already running an integrated system, we can help you with the rollout, enhancement and optimisation of your quality management system. Over the entire project lifecycle, we see ourselves as your trusted partner from the decision-making process to the production cutover of your QM system and beyond.

Our solutions for a computer-aided quality assurance system are drawn from a combination of over 20 years of professional expertise in relation to quality management processes in manufacturing, the medical engineering and pharmaceuticals industries, and the implementation of these processes using SAP QM.  Our work here comprises the industry-specific realisation of QM processes with SAP ERP, consisting of conceptual design, configuration and the programming of individual customer solutions. The fulfilment of industry standards and legal requirements (e.g. ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, VDA 6.x, GxP) forms an integral part of the solutions we provide.


Use our experience as specialists for SAP QM and SAP QIM!

  • Over 25 years of expertise in the implementation of quality management with SAP, as well as the conceptual design of QM, QC and QA processes
  • Long-standing collaboration with SAP as a partner specialising in QM
  • Quality management know-how spanning several industries
  • A wealth of expertise in regulatory requirements
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