Our guiding principles that
we always try to follow


  1. In our activities, we focus squarely on the customer and on increasing our customer’s business success 
    At all times, we remain true to the principle that DHC consulting services will result in increased business success for our clients. A sustainable, responsible-minded and customer-focused approach is a fundamental part of our philosophy. Our customers experience long-lasting effects from the results of our work and enjoy a significant increase in productivity.
  2. The success and quality of our consulting work stems from the personality and competencies of each individual employee 
    Our employees are typically highly motivated and dedicated, and possess both business expertise and intrapersonal skills. Their personal initiative, entrepreneurial mind-set and leadership proficiencies actively help them to achieve their business objectives. This also goes hand-in-hand with a strong customer focus and the pursuit of optimum quality. Their ambitious approach to professional development enables them to meet the growing demands of future markets. DHC prides itself on prioritising the promotion and further development of their personal competencies.
  3. We are industry specialists whose extensive process and methods expertise ranges from strategy to implementation
    Or approaches and methods are characteristically scalable, which means they can be adjusted to match the customer’s requirements in a specific project. The skills we bring to implementation are drawn from long experience in the realisation of processes and IT models as part of interdisciplinary teams. When developing industry solutions, we are oriented exclusively on hand-picked best practice industry standards, which we optimise as a continuous process. Our long experience in design and implementation projects means that we understand how to focus our activities in an efficient, goal-oriented way on the actual problem areas our customers are facing. For all of our services, the basic rule applies that they must be practice-oriented, sustainable and based on an optimally balanced price/performance ratio.

  1. We aim to achieve responsible-minded collaboration with our business partners over the long term 
    Our business partners in this sense are our customers, partner companies and employees. This responsible-minded collaboration is based on trust, integrity and confidentiality. Our sense of responsibility is also expressed by the fact that we seek to achieve the best results for and with our business partners on a daily basis. Long-term collaborative partnerships can be achieved only if this sense of responsibility is honoured by all of us, each and every day.
  2. Our company culture is characterised by mutual respect and loyalty
    A culture based on trust, open communication and a direct style of management has made DHC into the company it is today. In addition, we also strive to retain our employees into the long term. And we believe that it is only natural that we should create an ideal environment for supporting and developing the personal skills and abilities of our employees. We offer our team a healthy balance between their professional careers and home life in a stimulating work environment.
  3. Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement is an important principle for us that applies in all areas of the company. We always strive to optimise our work processes and services in order to offer our customers the highest level of quality and efficiency. To this end, we rely on an open feedback culture and regular training and further education for our employees. The analysis of trends and developments in our target markets as well as the implementation of new technologies also play a central role in our efforts to constantly improve.


Each industry has its special features and specific requirements, such as the relevance of particular economic, legal and political circumstances, specific requirements for quality and safety, and so forth.

This is why we supplement our core topics of

with our own, industry-specific consulting services. These services are based on our broad-based process know-how, combined with our long experience in the relevant sectors. This secures a long-term competitive advantage for your business.

Matthias Bothe

Managing Director & Industry Unit Manager
Life Sciences, Chemie and Medical Engineering
phone: +49 681 93 666 0
email: matthias.bothe@dhc-gmbh.com

Matthias Bothe
Carsten Buri

CEO and Director Sales & Marketing, DHC Switzerland

phone: +41 44 500 888 7
email: carsten.buri@dhc-ag.ch

Carsten Buri

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