Validation with SAP Solution Manager

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
validation documentation

SAP Solution Manager

Validation with SAP Solution Manager

As experts in the life sciences and medical technology, we always strive to find and provide optimal solutions for our customers. It quickly became clear to us that SAP Solution Manager is an optimal tool for supporting SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA projects.

To close the functional gaps of the SAP Solution Manager in the regulated environment, we have developed the DHC Add-On for SAP Solution Manager – Solution Documentation and DHC Add-On for SAP Solution Manager – Change Request Management to enable a paperless and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant use.


Our proven DHC validation method is adapted to the conditions of companies in the regulated environment and to industries that place high demands on the quality of their production, quality and IT processes. We consistently implement this method in SAP Solution Manager.
In addition to our Starter Packages, we have developed tried and tested add-ons for the life sciences and medical technology sectors that enable the use of SAP Solution Manager in a regulated environment. This enables us to provide you with a carefree introduction to the use of SAP Solution Manager even in a regulated environment.

All important documents are managed paperless as Electronic Record in SAP Solution Manager. Approval of documents for validation or change request management is carried out by an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signature.
With DHC, you have a partner with over 20 years of consulting experience in the validation and implementation of SAP ERP.


Basically, the validation of large and complex systems, such as SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, is very time-consuming, since a large number of documents are generated, which of course have to be managed over the entire life cycle of the IT system. Within the framework of test management, it must be ensured that the entire functionality of the SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system functions exactly as described in the requirements specification. These test activities must be permanently monitored and it must be ensured that the errors found are rectified in a documented manner. In addition, operational processes must be established for validated systems, such as Incident Management and Change Management.

The more you support these processes electronically, the fewer errors will occur in operations. Especially in quality assurance, costs can be saved massively, since much less effort is to be expected when checking and, for example, revising documents.
We asked our webinar participants where they saw the greatest advantages in the electronic validation of IT systems as opposed to paper-based validation. The biggest advantage is seen in the central access and the constant availability of the documents. This is followed by a leaner document management process, since the effort for printing, collecting signatures and possibly scanning the documents as well as storing the documents is also eliminated.

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Take advantage of our experience and industry expertise in all aspects of SAP Solution Manager

  • Since 2004, we have accompanied our customers in the introduction and implementation of SAP Solution Manager. This has enabled us to build up a high level of SAP Solution Manager competence. Especially for the implementation of SAP projects, we have successfully relied on the support of the SAP Solution Manager for years.
  • With our DHC Starter Packages for SAP Solution Manager, we provide you with standardized best practice processes for Solution Documentation, Test Management, Change Management and Incident Management, which provide you with the best possible support for your SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA projects.
  • The reference processes we have developed for SAP Solution Manager are based on the internationally recognized standards ITIL v3 and ISTQB.
  • With additional add-ons for Solution Documentation and Change Request Management, we fulfill additional requirements, which are particularly high in industries with high quality requirements.
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Matthias Bothe

Managing Director & Industry Unit Manager
Life Sciences, Chemie and Medical Engineering
phone: +49 681 93 666 0

Matthias Bothe, DHC GmbH
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Carsten Buri

Director Sales & Marketing
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Carsten Buri, DHC AG



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