SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR)

SAP Quality Issue Resolution
for the collaborative resolution
of SAP quality issues

SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR)

Deviation management is an important part of quality management. It includes all steps necessary to analyse possible defects, identify and document problems and mitigate, resolve or prevent them.

The new SAP solution “SAP Quality Issue Resolution” offers functions for the collaborative analysis and resolution of quality issues. It enables you to process complaints with your external suppliers as well as customers and also helps you within your company to resolve supplier and customer complaints with the help of standardised problem-solving methods such as 8D and, in future, CAPA.

With SAP Quality Issue Resolution, you can identify the root causes of problems, take action based on predefined steps to avoid such problems in the future, and document the problem resolution process.

Watch this SAP video for an introduction to SAP Quality Issue Resolution: a platform for collaboration between you, your suppliers and customers to help resolve and prevent quality issues. The solution uses proven methodologies such as 8D and 5 Whys for structured and effective issue resolution.

Advantages of SAP QIR

Continuous maintenance and improvement of quality

Based on the CAPA or 8D methodology, it guides the solution through the individual steps of the problem-solving process and provides troubleshooting functions.

Continuous processes through integration of quality management

Information such as material number, defect details, supplier or customer is automatically transferred from the quality notification to the problem-solving document.

Predefined process steps for problem solving

Quality managers can use the predefined process steps to initiate immediate actions, identify the causes of quality problems and define corrective and preventive actions.

Hub for collaboration in solving quality problems

Addressing quality issues requires a structured and transparent approach. With SAP Quality Issue Resolution, you can work together with external and internal stakeholders on problem-solving processes with predefined process steps.

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Business Case
In a business case, we examine how well the SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR) functionality fits into your company’s quality management strategy. We also answer the question of costs and the associated benefits.

Proof of Concept
In a feasibility study, we compare your requirements with the functional and technical possibilities of SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR) and evaluate the degree of fulfilment against the resulting costs. The result of the proof of concept is a recommendation as to whether SAP QIR fits your needs, what the advantages and disadvantages of the SAP solution are compared to third-party software, what the costs are and what the next steps are.


As QM specialists, we support the conception, configuration and productive implementation of SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR) and its integration into SAP ERP.

Our many years of experience in quality management with SAP or other SAP applications will help you to solve your challenges.

In this context, we also offer additional services:

  • Analysis of optimisation potentials and creation of solution concepts.
  • Definition, conception and programming of interfaces
  • Programming of additional functions
  • Programming of additional data fields
  • Adaptation of forms of any kind
Services & Support

We also support you after the SAP Quality Resolution (QIR) has gone live. Regardless of whether you want remote service or on-site support, our SAP specialists are mobile and flexible. Due to our experience, we know the essential questions of your users and guarantee fast and sustainable support.

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Use our experience as a specialist for SAP QIR.

  • More than 25 years of expertise in the implementation of quality management with SAP as well as the conception and design of QM, QC and QA processes
  • Cross-industry know-how in quality management
  • Founded knowledge of regulatory requirements
Matthias Bothe

Managing Director & Industry Unit Manager
Life Sciences, Chemie and Medical Engineering
phone: +49 681 93 666 0

Matthias Bothe
Carsten Buri

CEO and Director Sales & Marketing, DHC Switzerland

phone: +41 44 500 888 7

Carsten Buri
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