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In order for companies to remain competitive in the future, it is especially important that they can continue to achieve improvements in quality. Of especial importance here is defect minimisation and the reduction of lifecycle costs that rise with each step along the supply chain. The continuous quality improvement process should also be supported by a software-based system.

Thanks to its centralised management and maintenance of master data, FMEA with SAP offers the advantage that this data can be used universally. This avoids having separate interfaces to external software and solutions, which in turn guarantees data integrity, ensuring that the information is completely free of redundancy.

Alongside integration with Complaints Management, the utilisation of the same authorisation model for all components and the consistent linking to FMEA within production control plans ensures that data is up-to-date at all times, thereby minimising errors that would otherwise result from outdated or inconsistent data.

The production control plan is primarily intended to control the quality process. This means the plan contains inspection procedures and tools and also inspection frequencies for the product/process characteristics applied from the FMEA system, to provide an optimum level of control for quality.

Thanks to the integrated IT solution with SAP, both communication and knowledge management along the supply chain can be simplified and improved over the long term.

If one considers the future viability of SAP QM functions, which are subject to continuous improvement, a decision to implement FMEA and PLP on the basis of a SAP system is a promising course to chart towards Total Quality Management.


Use our experience as specialists for FMEA and PLP with SAP QM

  • Over 20 years of expertise in the implementation of quality management with SAP, as well as the conceptual design of QM, QC and QA processes
  • Long-standing collaboration with SAP as a partner specialising in QM
  • Quality management know-how spanning several industries
  • A wealth of expertise in regulatory requirements
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