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The Advanced Product Quality Management (APQP) project management method is deployed in product development processes, where it aims to safeguard the quality of the finished product. To this end, APQP offers a very broad selection of methods, tools and documents that can be deployed during the product development process.

A development process according to APQP has five key phases:

  • Plan and define the program
  • Product design and development
  • Process design and development
  • Product and process validation
  • Feedback assessment and corrective actions

To complete a phase, all of the assigned tasks must be completed. A ‘task’ in this sense is the application of a method or a tool, or the creation of a document. Completed tasks form the output of one development phase in each case and simultaneously act as the input for the next development phase.

To keep implementation effort as low as possible during APQP projects, we recommend utilising the project management functionality offered by SAP PPM (SAP Portfolio and Project Management) for implementation. SAP PPM, which can be used standalone or as an add-on to the conventional SAP ERP system, is suitable for use in agile projects that are not subject to wide-ranging financial controls.

Dedicated software support also helps to achieve objectives efficiently – such as the shortening of project launch times, the early identification and elimination of product and process risks, the satisfaction of customer preferences for product developments, as well as the option of terminating the project if the objectives cannot in fact be met.


Use our experience as specialists for APQP with SAP QM

  • Over 25 years of expertise in the implementation of quality management with SAP, as well as the conceptual design of QM, QC and QA processes
  • Long-standing collaboration with SAP as a partner specialising in QM
  • Quality management know-how spanning several industries
  • A wealth of expertise in regulatory requirements
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Matthias Bothe
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Carsten Buri
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