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Validation of
Cloud Computing Systems

Validation of Cloud Computing Systems

Cloud computing is certainly one of the most important current IT trends. Cloud providers promise up-to-date software at all times, dynamic adjustment of resources to current needs, and all this at unbeatably favourable conditions.

But is cloud computing really the miracle cure for all the problems that an IT department faces today, or is it just old wine in new bottles?

In a regulated environment, all computer-based systems used must be validated before they can be used productively. The infrastructure used must be qualified. The maintenance of the valid state must be ensured over the entire life cycle of the system. Of course, this also applies to applications in the cloud or applications that use cloud services.

In our webinar we would like to show you under which conditions cloud computing can be used in a regulated environment. You will learn how a validation of cloud applications differs from a “normal” software validation according to GAMP 5 and which pitfalls you have to expect in the individual phases of the system life cycle.


Friday, 20 March 2020, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. => You missed the web session? Then request the podcast now!


This webinar is aimed at specialists and managers in the fields of quality management / quality assurance and IT at companies in a regulated environment (pharmaceutical & medical technology).


  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Differences to other services and similarities with other services
  • life cycle of a computer system
  • Supplier qualification
  • Validation and/or qualification of the cloud
  • Operation of a validated cloud application
  • All’s well that ends well?
  • Summary and answers to questions


  • Suggestions for own projects
  • Over 20 years of industry know-how in the validation of computer-aided systems
  • Lessons learned from many successfully completed validation projects in the GxP environment


The webinars are online seminars. All you need to participate is a PC with Internet access and speakers. Alternatively, sound can be transmitted via telephone, while you can follow the image presentation via your browser. The webinars are interactive, i.e. you can ask questions at any time.


=> You missed the web session? Then request the podcast now!

The web session was held in German. If you only speak English, please contact us via email for a personal online appointment (consulting@dhc-gmbh.com). We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our web sessions are a free service for customers and interested parties of DHC.
IT service providers and consultants are excluded from participation.


After registration you will receive a confirmation email with all information about the participation in our webinar.


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